7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

How Much Could Change in 5 Weeks?

What Could Happen?


- lose 8-20 pounds

- significant TIME and MONEY saved on meals

- SLOWED AGING and improved HEALTH


- more ENERGY, improved SLEEP, better MOODS

- feelings of CLARITY, HOPE, and CONFIDENCE 

- new metabolic wiring to make CONTINUED WEIGHT LOSS EASY and NATURAL


Case Study: Meg

Age: 42   Gender: Female   

Starting Weight: 155 lbs

Prior Concerns: Dietary, Sleep, & Exercise Habits. Managing Anxiety.

Went through Fat Burning PRO with 6, 30min Coaching Sessions, 2 personalized workouts (plus tutorial videos) and 1 in person training.

Outcome: Lost 8 lbs

Better sleep, improved mood, less anxiety.

Weight after 4 weeks of Fat Burning: 147 lbs

Weight after 5 Months of Fat Burning: 135 lbs.

Weight after 9 Months of Fat Burning: 130 lbs

Or How Much Will Stay the Same?


- STAY at SAME weight or GAIN MORE

- swing from EXTREMES of under and over EATING and EXERCISING

- repeatedly START OVER due to a HARD to stick to PLAN

- feel FRUSTRATED, DEFEATED and RESIGNED to weight loss being HARD

- GIVE UP and still NOT HAVE what you WANT

Case Study: Gena

Age: 44   Gender: Female   

Starting Weight: 190 lbs

Prior Concerns: tummy that wouldn't go away, health (preventing breast cancer), didn't want to feel restricted/deprived to lose weight

Went through Fat Burning PRO with one on one coaching, individual problem solving, and weekly group calls.

Outcome: Lost 9 lbs

Flatter tummy, skinny jeans are now too big

Ending Weight after 4 weeks: 181 lbs

Weight after 2 months: 175 lbs

Weight after 3 months: 175 lbs

*reached goal weight and maintaining

Case Study: JP

Age: 57   Gender: Male   

Starting Weight: 244 lbs

Prior Concerns: Weight on belly.  Desire to look better.  Lose weight for overall health. Worried about feeling restricted/deprived/hungry to reach goal.

Went through Fat Burning PRO with one on one coaching and individual problem solving.

Outcome: Lost 14.4 lbs. 

Down a full size (shirts and pants) and into a slimmer style.  More confident.  More complimentary attention from opposite sex. Receiving more respect from peers.

Ending Weight after 4 weeks: 229 lbs

A Different Path.             

A Different Future.


   Let's set your body up to SUCCEED in the weight loss effort, by addressing it from all angles.

   Let's get your body wired to more EASILY LOSE WEIGHT and have a harder time GAINING it.

  Let's make the route to weight loss CLEAR and MANAGEABLE.

  Let's have you GO PRO and naturally have the waistline and improved health you desire comfortably.

  Let's make the next 5 weeks ones that change your life for the better and that help you to have what you want.

  For life.

  xo, M

Life as You've Never Known It.

Let's get started on a new way of living, feeling, and LOOKING with Fat Burning PRO.


One on One Coaching
Self Study

Weight loss from an EASIER and more strategic place than simply, "calories in vs calories out".


If you're ready to Lose Weight, Improve Health, and have PLEASURE pushed while doing it - Fat Burning PRO might be for you.


Fat Burning PRO:


A 5 Week Program designed to get you SOLID on how weight loss works.

4 Weeks of Products and Resources to usher you smoothly and comfortably through your Fat Burning Journey.

Ongoing Support and a  Community you can always call Home.

Wondering How this Process Works?

If you're unfamiliar with how Sugar Burning (frequent hunger, cravings, energy dips/crashes) is so different than Fat Burning (less hunger, no cravings, plenty of energy), OR you've tried to get into this mythical state and found it TOO HARD...here's how we go about things.

Starting at the Beginning

Most people that struggle with weight also struggle with being able to hear their bodies, let alone honor the signals they're receiving.

Step 1 is to begin to pay attention to the cues we're receiving.

And the next, and most important part, is to start to trust them. 

When we start to work as our own ally we become harmonious beings who more easily attain what's desired.

A Gentler Approach

If you've thought that giving up Carbs COLD TURKEY is the only way to get your body burning Fat - you are WRONG!

Not only is that approach UNCOMFORTABLE, but it generally ends in failure - as the body simply doesn't have the correct, "machinery", to burn the Fat you desire.

Our tactic is to use a time rested formula to comfortably, and slowly (one week), guide the body into burning Fat vs Sugar.

Faster Weight Loss, Slowed Aging, & Carb Feasts

We start daily Intermittent Fasting when the body is NOT hungry in the morning (vs ignoring the fact that it is).

Coupled with scheduled Feasts we leverage consequential hormones to enable us to access our Fat as well as never have to slow our weight loss progress. 

Win win.

Super Power Studies

At this point in your journey you are quite SOLID as a Fat Burner and with that you are capable of MORE.

As a result you can DECIDE how you wish to use these abilities.

Speeding up your progress.  Working out fasted. Waiting an extra day to have your next scheduled feast be on a holiday.  Cocktails and late nights every day on vacation. Weathering less than ideal behavior...

You have much choice and much control.

Fat Burner for Life

The goal of this program is to make this NATURAL state (as we're all designed to burn fat) something that feels SO GOOD and SO EASY - that you'll want to do it forever.

Save time and money while literally making it harder to gain weight and easier to lose it, all while slowing aging and improving health.

One stop shopping and the last, "diet", you'll ever begin.