I'm Michaela Foulkes and this is my story:

I ate to manage my emotions starting as a teenager.


For years I tried different workouts and diets to offset my unideal behavior.

I finally discovered fat burning in my 30's and realized how forgiving and flexible it was.

I've always wanted to understand how to, "Have my cake and eat it too.".

In fitness with understanding how to create a shape and ability that's desired. 

Eliminating pain. Never getting hurt (or exacerbate any long standing limitation).

Not, "Feeling old", or have age be an obstacle; and a wish to feel happy, lit up and free.


I've turned these now peaceful and conscious motivations into  offerings that hold a feeling of love, joy, FUN and feeling great WHILE making great change. 


I don't like the feeling of DEPRIVATIONrestrictive rules, or lifestyles and it turns out we don't need to have them in order to get what we want.


If you're interested but either still unclear or have questions I might answer - please schedule a call.

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  • ensure that this will suit your lifestyle and temperament
  • establish what has NOT been working (to see the possibility of what will)
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