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Low Carb Easter Dishes

Apr 13, 2022


Hello Dear Ones!


With the impending holidays I thought to share a few offerings that might enable more waistline support within a HOLIDAY DINNER.


It's easy to throw our hands up in overwhelm and confusion and stick with the usuals (perfect as well) - but if you'd like a handful of alternatives that might lighten the load over these holidays (and beyond) give these recipes a gander.


And the BIG thing I'd like to illuminate is that spins on standard fare can also be DELICIOUS!



Because we make a more supportive and conscious choice around a food - doesn't mean it has to feel like a sacrifice.


You might even like it better.







Oh my goodness!  Not new news, but people go CRAZY for these and they're so simple.


Biggest weight loss tip - use lite mayo ( = 1/2 to a 1/3 of the calories as the full fat stuff).





This looks and sounds AMAZING!


Different, fun and delicious!  Give it a try or save it for a future event.





This recipe couldn't be easier, and while Ritz cracker crumbs taste SO GOOD - chances are they'll already be present alongside the cheese and other sexy dips.





Sorry not sorry on this one!


SURE we could have mashed Cauliflower vs Potatoes if desired, but this sounds like a GREAT accompaniment especially alongside HAM.


- LIGHTER and FASTER version


- HEAVIER and LONGER version





Um, yes freaking PLEASE!!!!


I'm going to be making this as it looks DIVINE!





This looks AMAZING honestly.


There's so much straight up good and simplicity that I want to try it too.


**The one thing I'll bemoan about most low carb desserts is that they often call for erythritol which can be MURDER on the gut for some of us.


Swerve is a product that adds a prebiotic fiber which can HELP MAJORLY on gut distress - but it's still not perfect.


I continue to look for granulated sugar alternatives, and often in the meantime will still use stevia and adjust the recipe visually to get the correct consistency.


SO - what I'll say re low carb/sugar free desserts is to possibly do what I do, OR use a "bit" of the sugar free option and cut it with regular sugar - it's a better option than the SUGAR FULL option.


This is not perfect, but when I figure out a sugar free granulated option that is GREAT - I'll be shouting it from the rooftops.





This looks like a TOTAL WINNER (no sugar alternative) and could possibly even be a fun family affair to create.


Uber ripe bananas are a great base for a frozen dessert and this rendition of one looks fabulous.


So that's my short list of options for an impending Holiday meal.


Use some, one, all, none - just know options exist and that they might actually be easier to create, VERY well received by family and friends, and kinder to your waistline and more in alignment with your desired lifestyle as well.


AND if you'd like to have more of a LOW CARB life that IMPROVES HEALTH, makes weight loss easier, weight gain harder, and actually saves you time and money - please check out Fat Burning PRO.


And if you have any additional questions or wish to chat to see if this program might be a fit for you - free 30 min phone consults are available currently.


Please be in touch with interest.




Hope you have a great time ushering this season in now that it FINALLY feels like it's REALLY here.


To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.


xox, M


7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

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