7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

Benefits of Napping

Jun 26, 2022


Hello Dear One!

I've regaled you many a time about the benefits of sleep for weight loss, and WHY it's such a cornerstone for Fat Burning - but did you know that NAPPING is also a major assist in this, and health effort, overall?

Napping is such a genius way to give yourself some help in attaining your desires.

And napping is so awesome because you can literally fit it into little crevices that you might have in your day vs feeling bummed out about not/never getting to bed at your desired time or for your desired duration.



Some benefits of napping:

- weight loss

- hormone balance

- can lower appetite
(less sleep can affect blood sugar)

- reduces stress

- helps with exercise performance

- immune boosting

- increases energy

- enhances focus

- helps with memory

- assists learning (easier to put information together)

- balances mood (reduces anxiety)

- increases creativity

- increases productivity

Napping ROCKS.


And depending on your goals you might wish to aim for different DURATIONS.

A power nap is considered between 15 - 30 minutes.

Power naps tend to help with things like energy, focus, stress, mood, learning, productivity.

And then there are longer naps 70 - 90 min which can seriously affect more aspects of your health and well being due to enabling your body to actually get into DEEP (or REM) sleep.

At this duration things like weight loss, hormone balance, appetite reduction/balance, creativity, recovery from exercise, and recovery from an illness can all take place.

So instead of feeling like your crappy sleep schedule either is what it is, OR that the subpar sleep you had last night will continue to impact you negatively for the remainder of the day+...


Even a short one.

Help yourself out where you can, and do the best with the rest.

If you're ready to give yourself a major leg up in the weight loss effort where sleep is ONE piece of the puzzle (which can also be offset by 4+ others) please give Fat Burning PRO a look.

It's so relieving to not feel like you both have to ALWAYS be perfect, or have to be perfect in ALL things in order to lose weight and keep it off.

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Your waistline, health, WALLET, and schedule (saves money AND time) - will thank you.

To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.  

xox, M


7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

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