7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

Doing Deviled Eggs Better

Apr 08, 2023


Hello Dear One!


If you are celebrating a holiday this weekend AND you're looking for a last minute offering that is simple and waistline friendly - this might be for you.


DEVILED EGGS are such a loved dish, but they often come with some internal conflict.


Due to containing more calories from full fat mayo they are sometimes steered clear of.


And because eggs are heavier on the cholesterol side these can seem like a poor choice for our health as well.


Let's address these concerns shall we?




Use lite mayo and mustard as your base - not just real deal mayo.


You'll be ingesting a fraction of the calories and won't miss ANYTHING.


Use this recipe from the NY Times.





****not a doctor, not YOUR doctor, and not a scientist


Do what YOU need to do in this capacity, but eating EGGS FOR MOST OF US, is really NOT a problem.


I often eat up to 5 eggs in one sitting based on the day.


They're tasty and relatively filling due to their winning combo of fat and protein.


What I'm also starting to understand is that DIETARY CHOLESTEROL doesn't necessarily have an impact on internal cholesterol (or lipoproteins).  


***check out this article on more on the matter***


Elevated levels of cholesterol tend to indicate other issues -not that you're simply ingesting too much cholesterol/saturated fat.


I'd encourage anyone who does have CONCERNS with such a thing to:


A) Lower inflammation 


A robust pharmaceutical grade multivitamin and/or a pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement would be some great first steps.


B) Lower cholesterol naturally by supporting the Liver


The liver filters estrogen and cholesterol making levels naturally lower.  Check out the one we use for detoxification PLUS for Fat Burning.



C) Lower Stress


Stress creates a hormonal shift elevating levels of cholesterol as a byproduct.


D) Exercise


Even 30 min of exercise can raise your HDL (the "good" cholesterol).




Eating too much sugar can raise small LDL cholesterol levels (which are the serious ones for heart disease).


E) Lose weight


Even a modest weight loss of 5-10% can lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease in people with excess weight.


And as LUCK would have it - we just happen to do ALL these things in Fat Burning PRO!



Which of these apply to you?

 - Feeling frustrated with your weight and concerned about your health.

 - Starting and stopping a variety of approaches to losing weight and, "being healthy", because you're not sure if what you're doing is actually working.

  - Feel that weight loss and robust health have to be hard/time consuming.

  - Think getting to your desired weight and feeling super healthy is an impossible task that requires a load of restriction and never being able to have your favorite dishes or drinks.


If you answered YES to at least ONE - this doe NOT have to be the way.


Check out Fat Burning PRO for one stop shopping for your waistline and health.


We LITERALLY do what's needed to lower inflammation, reduce cholesterol naturally, get you craving free (of sweet and starchy carbs), encourage movement, reduce stress by pushing pleasure, AND help you get these habits on REPEAT!.


So if you'd like a new approach to reducing your waistline and improving your health for LIFE - check our program out.


Would love to have you be a part of our tribe.


To getting you clearer on how the body works in order to make it work for you.


xo, M


7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

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