7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

How to Find Your Fat Burning Zone

Jun 04, 2022


Hello Dear One, 

If using exercise for the purposes of weight loss has been an objective - keeping your body in a Fat Burning Zone will HELP!

Often when people want to lose weight and going to the gym is in their repertoire, they often think to simply hit it harder, faster, MORE OFTEN, and possibly even for longer.

While any of those characteristics can be stellar as a stand alone quality - all mushed together with no awareness of how things work, or responsiveness to their own body's signals can equal:

- extreme SORENESS
- risk of INJURY
- higher levels of CORTISOL (raises blood sugar and insulin)
- increased HUNGER
- increased CRAVINGS for CARBS
- reinforced sugar burning mode instead of a FAT BURNING one


So if MORE isn't necessarily better, how DO we get MORE from our workouts?

Truth be told (this isn't new news if you've been here awhile) SLOW STEADY STATE CARDIO - like WALKING is incredibly effective for FAT LOSS.

PLUS when we're participating in this type of activity it's SO EASY to stay in our personal Fat Burning Zone without any extra effort.




220 - your age = ___ x .6 = ___

220 - your age = ___ x .7 = ___

The span between those two numbers is your range.

Here's Mine:

220 - 45 = 175 x .6 = 105

220 - 45 = 175 x .7 = 122.5

105 - 122.5 = MY Fat Burning Zone

And if you're thinking, "I walk in my neighborhood, and I don't have access to a heart monitor."

Either take your pulse with your middle and index finger:

- on neck to side of windpipe

- or on inside of wrist between thumb side bone and tendons in center of wrist/forearm

   - count pulses for 15 seconds

   - multiply X 4  

OR if you're sometimes a gym go-er, check it out on a treadmill (just grab the sensors periodically) and aim to walk at that clip when you are out in the wild.

Generally being in a Fat Burning Zone feels COMFORTABLE while still making you sweat.

And my final plea with sticking with something like walking and staying in your fat burning zone and NOT just GOING FOR IT to create seemingly faster results is this.

Often when we do that business it undeniably trips hunger and we MUST eat more than we normally would.

When we walk/stay in a fat burning zone we don't increase hunger AT ALL as we're pulling from fat.

It's so challenging when we're trying to compensate from consuming extra calories.

Especially due to EXERCISE!

So keep it low and slow.

That way you will be easily and comfortably melting away your fat creating a slimmer, lighter, more energized, pain free, youthful you.

And if you'd like to keep your body burning fat as it's natural state where weight loss comes along for the ride (whether you're exercising or not) please check out Fat Burning PRO.  

It's a state that makes losing fat (and improving health) automatic, obvious and easy.


To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.  

xox, M

Helping people over 40 get into a Fat Burning Mode making weight loss, fitness, and not feeling old simple and struggle free.



7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

Quick strategies to easily improve your weight loss game.

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