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How to Make Not Drinking Easy

Apr 29, 2022


Hello Dear One!


I've been wanting to share this for some time for anyone else who might wish to either be drinking less, or not at all.


At the very beginning of November I decided that I really only wanted to drink on special occasions/when I chose.


My goal was not to never drink, but I no longer wanted to engage with the ever present expectation to drink socially.


I've enjoyed alcohol for it's, "Fast Fun", benefits - but it's also really confused me as to why we're really drinking in the first place.


I used alcohol socially when younger to deal with high levels of anxiety, but nowadays that's way less of an issue and I certainly don't need it have a good time.


And lastly I know the truth is you can NEVER get as, "high", with alcohol in your system as you can without.


The pleasure and joy that's available all on our own dwarfs what any substance could ever achieve.


I'll choose that please.




As someone who's wishing to live differently I recognized that alcohol was NOT serving me currently.


I thought to subscribe to an app called Reframe to help me in the effort and do use it nearly daily.


I'd totally recommend it if you're in a similar situation as me.


As a result of this app I wrote out two lists - PRO's and CON's of alcohol for me.


I rated them on a scale from 1 - 10 for either how pleasurable or how destructive these effects were.


The PRO's list was LONG!  And compelling!  So much fun stuff!


But the CON's list was LONGER, with loads of upsetting and eye opening hard hitting truths about how NEGATIVELY these points affect my life.


I looked at these two lists repeatedly to fully digest what is ACTUALLY so about drinking for me.


Sure Moscow Mules taste delicious and are fun - but the amount of regret and physical backsliding they can create suddenly made them stop seeming worth it.


So what's helped me?



Looking at that CON list.


THINKING about what's on it when I'm greeted with the option to have a drink.


I think about the fact that alcohol is poison.




I think about the fact that it's EMPTY CALORIES.


That it makes me want to eat again after I have it.


That it's easy to rationalize eating bullshit food late in the night after having it.


I think about the fact that it puts FAT METABOLISM on hold.


That it increases the toxic load resulting in more challenge with fat loss/burning and HEALTH in general.


That it predisposes me to a varieties of cancer.


That it has major health ramifications over the long term.


I think about the fact that it impacts my next day (even drinking a small amount).


That I'm less present, clear, RESTED, sharp, CREATIVE the following day as a result.


That I can't connect deeply with the people I'm with when I'm drinking and that that's important to me and something I desire more of.


I think about the fact that I have to recover in some form or fashion after having alcohol which often wastes a day resulting in not being able to move forward in my life as I wish.


Plus because of all THIS garbage - after drinking I often feel REGRETFUL, disappointed with myself, sad that I didn't follow through on my intentions, and that I literally did something that was self harming.


THIS is what I think about.




It actually feels a little gross to think about drinking alcohol now because of all that I've instilled in myself and my mind from what I've uncovered as to it's truth for me.


Focusing on THIS makes NOT drinking EASY.  OBVIOUS even!


In the past when I've been in a social situation with the intention not to drink I'd often end up with a beverage in my hand because I'd think about all the PRO's of drinking (delicious, SO FUN, on same page/place as others) - and when you do that's what'll happen.


But if you focus on what you DON'T want, or what you DO want (look more youthful, feel more rested, more ease with weight loss/maintenance, PRIDE with sticking with your commitment, NO REGRETS) it makes NOT drinking a breeze.


**and one big disclaimer I wish to make is that I HAVE drank since adopting this new approach to alcohol.  On a couple holidays, one date, my birthday, after a dinner...  But it has been deliberate where I recognize the price to pay and am occasionally ok (for now anyway) with that cost.


So check all of this out if you've been wishing to change your relationship with alcohol.


Check out that app as it's a great guide to give you TONS of helpful backing and daily reinforcement as to what alcohol ACTUALLY  does to the body (and BRAIN) that can make a supportive choice feel so simple and comfortable to do.


Hope that was useful.


Please be in touch with any questions.  Happy to answer any that I can.


AND if you'd like to LOSE FAT in a way that feels EASY, that's also paired with love, support and COMMUNITY (monthly Fat Burner Outings if you're local to RI) where some people drink and some people don't - please check out Fat Burning PRO.


It's an approach for living that works easily in life.


Love to all.


To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.


xox, M


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