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How to NOT Feel Deprived on a "DIET"

Nov 07, 2022

Hello Dear One, 


I heard this in not so many words from an on and off again Fat Burner in the recent past.


We will have further discussion (and live videos in our private group on the matter) but I additionally thought to address it for the masses.


One MAJOR obstacle and objection many people who wish to lose weight is they don't even wish to ATTEMPT it because they believe their new diet will be restrictive, making them feel deprived.


This does NOT have to be.


ESPECIALLY with Fat Burning.



In the simplest of definitions a DIET is a WAY of eating.


Deer have a particular diet, babies have a diet, and Fat Burners (for example) have a diet.


IDEALLY you adopt a particular diet because it WORKS for you.


Ages ago at a retreat for emotional eating (FOR ME!) I felt VERY challenged over the concept of having a diet - suddenly it SOUNDED restrictive!


Was I going against my inner guidance by following self imposed guidelines??


Should I be throwing any sort of structure out the window and eat whatever seemed most delectable at any given moment?


Was it better to be eating pizza and cookies with abandon so as not to, "restrict", myself??




Because you CAN eat something it doesn't necessarily mean that you actually WANT that thing at any given time, and more than likely certainly not all the time.


What I came to realize was that my diet was something I actually PREFERRED.


It was something that worked for me, that tasted and felt good, that made my life easier.  


And a way of eating that served me was undeniably NOT a bad thing.


And so it is with Fat Burning.



My frequently repeated desire is to create Fat Burner's for life - because people LOVE it and it feels good and works well in their worlds.


So how could this Fat Burner feel swings from desire to deprivation within this same system??


My sense?


Because there wasn't an embracement of ALWAYS doing what was in her best interest.


Whether that WAS eating pizza and cookies (hello CARB FEASTS), OR choosing some big sexy steak with amazingly seasoned roasted vegetables, OR a texture and flavor filled salad with a succulent piece of salmon and a tangy cream lemon dijon mustard vinaigrette, OR...




I personally think EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you could ever want should always have a time and place at the table.


And the truth is if we're actually continually listening to what's in our BEST INTEREST and feels best - we will choose more supportive options than not.


So when we do happen to have glorious short rib arancini rice dumplings, fried calamari, homemade potato gnocchi, a delicious burrata and prosciutto salad, shared desserts of tiramisu and banana cheesecake, along with a tantalizing Italian red and dessert cocktails (can anyone say - last Fat Burner outing??) - we ALSO enjoy that.


And then leave it where it was when it happened (in the past), and simply get back to our typical lifestyle that feels best and helps create what we desire.


I hope this all sounds REASONABLE to people.


If we're always swinging between the draconian parent and the rebellious child we WILL be playing an internal tug of war.


Feeling like we SHOULD do something and then RESISTING it because we feel like we're missing out on other things creates internal madness.


We'll always be in a state of conflict and feel STUCK.


But if we get into AGREEMENT with what we're doing and WHY, and then keep listening to ourselves for what's in our best interest, and what would feel best NOW AND LATER...


It's SO much easier to keep making choices that are regret free and supportive (and SATISFYING!!) as all get out.


And LASTLY I'm pretty committed to making this business WORK for people.


For them to ENJOY what they're eating and doing.  To make sure the things that they LOVE HAPPEN!


Because if they don't they''ll never be able to stick with it!




So if you'd like an approach to weight loss that helps you to foster a PARTNERSHIP with your body while easily BURNING YOUR OWN FAT FOR FUEL, making weight loss simple and lasting - check out Fat Burning PRO.




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Check it out here, read the science behind it, and be in touch for a discounted price.



Success CAN come without the struggle.


Would love to show you how.


To getting clearer on how the body works in order to make it work for you.


xo, M


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