7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

How to Not Overeat on a Holiday Weekend

Jul 02, 2022

Hello Dear One!


Let's make this short and sweet.

If you'd rather NOT have an ALL OR NOTHING Holiday Weekend that ends in regret and resolutions following - let's do THIS instead.

What gets your attention HAPPENS.

What doesn't get your attention does NOT happen.


If you WANT to have the plateful of brownies or Star Spangled signature cocktails - look at them, think about how good they'll taste, start to mentally prepare to have them.

If you DON'T WANT to have those tasty treats - DON'T focus on them.

And certainly don't ANTICIPATE how AMAZING they're going to be (that's actually the biggest HOOK for any sort of addictive/compulsive behavior).

Instead focus on what you DO actually wish to have occur (even if you WOULD still love to clean the plate brownie wise and down multiple sexy drinks), vs what you DON'T want to have occur AFTER the indulgence.

Focus on either how DELICIOUS  the food you really WISH to eat looks, smells, and will taste AND/OR focus on how great the less waistline desirable treats will be TOMORROW, or LATER today, or whenever.

I personally believe we all need to have the stuff that won't help us with our goals, but that we do we love, with some regularity.



So if we keep our focus on when we INTEND to have it, vs focus on it simply because it's at the party - it'll be infinitely easier to simply stick with our commitment to ourselves and have it in a more manageable way.

And if you'd like to have DELIBERATE INDULGENCES that actually help in the weight loss effort - please check out Fat Burning PRO as we have regular carb feasts that make things like holidays and celebrations a source of ease and continued progress towards one's goals.

Hope that was useful.

Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend.


To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.  

xox, M


7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

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