7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

How to Stop Your Inner Critic with One Simple Word (plus 35lb lost for this Gorgeous Gal!)

Dec 25, 2022


Hello Dear One,


And MERRY CHRISTMAS if you are celebrating today!


Wished to share a quick note on how to STOP your Inner Critic in its tracks is you might/ever wrestle with such a thing.


A Sister Goddess girlfriend helped me with this one time while visiting her in NYC.


I had overcommitted while there and felt like every choice I made was WRONG and would disappoint SOMEONE.  


It felt terrible and like there was no way out.


She immediately started affirming my perfection.


How perfect I was.


How perfect it was to have made so many plans.


How perfect that I had so many options.


That my thoughts were perfect.


What I was feeling was perfect.


What I had and was doing was perfect.


All was perfect...


And when the repetition of that word and sentiment hit a critical level in my body and brain I CALMED DOWN.


The swirling mass of thoughts of self doubt and criticism had vanished as they had been replaced by the KNNOWLEDGE and ACCEPTANCE of my own perfection - and EVERYTHING'S perfection.


Give that a try if you have put yourself under a rock while continuing to lambast yourself with harsh words and thoughts.


Not only does that feel BAD, but it is entirely unnecessary - and completely USELESS.


You being hard on yourself and feeling crappy makes MORE CRAPPY.


Plus  ____ is what it is (think/feel/do) - so working WITH it can actually create some change, if that's what's desired.


So affirm your perfection.


Over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.


Until you believe it.  And you embody it.



JULY 2022


AND wished to share another BIG DEAL WEIGHT LOSS victory for this Lovely Lady.






I love that this program changed Shannon's relationship with FOOD and her body.  This was her testimonial at the end of Fat Burning PRO:


"I've been struggling with late night binge eating, for years, like 25 years.

This vicious cycle not only is in the background but it also spikes hard during times of stress.

This program has allowed me to sleep a full nights sleep, something that I haven't been able to get back since I had children.

I have found that I'm falling in love with myself and my body again.

Giving myself compassion and taking things slow has always been so hard for me, with Michaela's support and insight I've been able to finally ENJOY this process of reclaiming myself.

I will be continuing this program while supporting myself with unconditional love.



So grateful to have gotten to work with this absolute Queen.


And what about you?


Can you imagine what it might be like to have a similar experience as Shannon?


Imagine what having a different relationship with your food and body might be like.


And how it would radically affect WEIGHT LOSS and LIFE as you know it!


Imagine regaining a body you haven't known for sometime, or maybe even EVER!


Imagine what it would be like to KEEP LOSING WEIGHT as desired with less effort and a greater feeling of PEACE?!


Imagine how CONFIDENT and SEXY you would feel if you could simply HAVE WHAT YOU WANT without the feeling of STRUGGLE, DEPRIVATION, or FRUSTRATION!!


Imagine being able to wear all the gorgeous garments you love that have remained out of reach for the last _____ years.


Imagine how freaking GREAT it would feel to KNOW how to HAVE YOUR CAKE and EAT IT TOO, and KEEP LOSING within the Holidays, VACATIONS, Celebratory Weekends, Night's Out, Big Family Dinners, when your favorite dish presents itself...


Imagine what it would be like to have the feeling of PARTNERSHIP with your body and EASE with the change you're looking to create vs confusion and challenge.


Imagine that.


If 2023 IS the year for BIG CHANGE that you've wanted for a LONG TIME - let's do something about it NOW.


Fat Burning PRO's prices are going up in January (TBD) 2023, so if you WANT this LET'S DO IT!


***Also possible to PAY NOW and SLAY LATER (start when desired).


***PLUS possible to do a bit of a 2 for 1 situation with One on One Coaching with 1 point of contact with Michaela (and additional set of products for 2nd person).


Be in touch for all or ENROLL!


Imagine that the next version of you (slimmer, sexy, strong, PROUD) is about to be HERE!


Let's make that happen!


Would be a privilege and an honor to work with you.


Love to all!


To getting clearer on how the body works in order to make it work for you.


xo, M


7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

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