7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

Look at a Donut and Gain Weight (and what April did to change that!)

Jan 08, 2023


Hello Dear One!


Does this seem like a make believe statement? 


Like something you, or someone you know, experiences which sounds mythical but FEELS possible.


Well it IS a real thing.


And the truth is I didn't know it until more recently.


Weight gain is kind of a black and white thing but it is NOT THE SAME for every person.


It is NOT based on genetics, a gender, or an age ONLY - but the body CAN be groomed to be GREAT at gaining weight based on behavior over time.


Looking at a donut and gaining weight happens (this is now my understanding - NOT a doctor or a scientist) due to Leptin Resistance.


Leptin is a hormone that helps our body to feel satisfied with less food and also to comfortably let go of fat.


We can develop something called Leptin Resistance by eating an excessively high carbohydrate diet that might also have some killer culprits in there like CORN SYRUP.


***NEVER eat CORN SYRUP or DRINK your sugar!  Far better to EAT it for impacts such as this.***


Leptin resistance makes weight gain super easy and weight loss incredibly hard.


Hence looking at a donut and gaining weight.


Or rather EATING a donut and automatically gaining weight.


Leptin Resistance and Insulin Resistance are similar but different.


The tactic to change them is the same, but in my experience changing Leptin Resistance takes longer.


Enter our beloved Fat Burner April.



I had known about Leptin for purposes of our Carb Feasts (reset Leptin which enable the body to never plateau weight loss wise and continue to keep comfortably losing weight), and had heard of Leptin Resistance - but still hadn't understood what made it different than Insulin Resistance.


At the beginning April identified as, "Gaining weight from looking at a donut."


I thought that sounded crazy until I read, "Nature Wants Us to Be Fat", which essentially talked about sugar burning to the MAX and how getting GOOD at storing fat was a survival adaptation.


Leptin Resistance is essentially next level Fat Storing.


Carb and sweet treats trigger the response to STORE FAT in an amazingly efficient way.


So YAY for not dying in the woods in the winter, but BOO for feeling bound by your biology and having such extreme repercussions for eating dessert like everyone else.



When April started in Fat Burning PRO she stated that she wanted to lose 100 pounds.


She also independently decided to reduce the frequency of her carb feasts because of the, "donut phenomenon".


I went along for the ride.  Cautiously.


I told her to keep me informed if she felt like she needed it earlier.  If she started to feel really hungry, craving carbs, or even weaker (signs that people are REALLY READY for their feast).


She did.  And she wasn't.


Carb Feasts are kind of mind blowing for Fat Burners.


It seems CRAZY to deliberately insert one big meal regularly that has whatever the heck they could want that's CARBOLICIOUS and MORE FOOD than they would typically eat.


We do this to reset Leptin levels AND it's a brilliant way to LEARN how to DO LIFE (holidays, celebrations, just because) in a way that still involves foods you LOVE that are undeniably not waistline supportive.


What also blows most people's minds is that they can see how their carb feast AIDS their progress.


People may gain scale weight the day after their feast, but then lose more on subsequent days.


OR some people even lose weight directly AFTER their carb feast due to the direct hormonal impact.


From the start of her program April would consistently GAIN weight the day after her carb feast.


She was still losing overall, but that was always the response her body had.


Finally MONTHS into her being a Fat Burner she had a carb feast where she LOST weight after it!


And also had more days in her week where she had slightly more carbs AND wasn't gaining, and as soon as our basic structure got reinstated KEPT LOSING.




April's physiology HAS CHANGED.


She's REPAIRED a compromised system with Fat Burning tactics and behaviors.


April's body FUNCTIONS differently than before not only making WEIGHT LOSS POSSIBLE, but also WEIGHT GAIN HARDER.




She can have carbohydrates more often and NOT GAIN WEIGHT.


She can keep losing the weight that she desires with eating in a way that feels easy, comfortable, AND that allows for deliberate and incidental deviation.


April has lost over 50 pounds since June and she's still steadily trucking towards her goal weight of 100.




"I'm at a new low 196.5 this morning after my carb feast last night at Vikki's."

  - April 1/8/23 = TODAY


If you've struggled like this can you imagine what the FUTURE would LOOK like if this was different?!?


Can you CLEARY SEE how LIFE would be RADICALLY DIFFERENT no longer having this monkey on your back??


If you can relate to April's situation - PLEASE check out Fat Burning PRO.


Excessive weight, or a predisposition to gain weight, does NOT have to feel like your birthright or a curse.


It's simply what the body has been groomed to do.


And we can train it do the very opposite.


So if you, or someone you love, struggles in this capacity - please check out Fat Burning PRO.


Prices are going UP at the end of the month!  


Please take advantage of where they are now in order to CHANGE YOUR BODY and YOUR LIFE in a simple, comfortable, FLEXIBLE way.


Would love to have you join our Fat Burning Family.


To getting you clearer on how the body works in order to make it work for you.


xo, M


And PS:  A MEMBERSHIP is coming! 


You've asked for recipes, workouts (KETTLEBELLS!), continued Fat Burning support and guidance, emotional eating resources, body love reinforcement, pain relieving/preventing techniques, and a simple 3 part approach to lasting HEALTH.


There will be a Founding Members price, as well as a lower cost for those who have already gone through Fat Burning Mastery or Fat Burning PRO.


We'll be starting small but continuing to develop this ONE STOP SHOPPING hub for looking younger, feeling better, and living longer.


Would love to have you join us!



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