7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

Quick Holiday Weekend Snack Hacks

May 27, 2022

Hello Dear One!

A holiday weekend is upon us!

And in the spirit of backyard BBQ's and EATING in general - I thought to share a couple new Fat Burning friendly finds.



These are pretty amazing in the fact that they contain SO few calories and basically ZERO carbs while being a delightful delivery system for some sort of sandwich, quesadilla, taco, teeny burrito+++.

They do NOT have a stand alone taste (in my opinion) but you can easily overpower them with ANY flavorful item you wish to fill/top them with.

You can order them or find them in the refrigerated section near the cheese in most markets (definitely at Stop and Shop).

I also recently got exposed to FRIED PORK SKINS.


 (Here's a whole host of MORE useful party add ons/thinking.)

Epic has a baked version of this (I don't know that it makes a difference as the calories/macro breakdown is the same) as does Utz that's infinitely less expensive.

Why these are great is because they check the chip box while being an INFINITELY better option.

They're so light and airy that 1 oz equals a LOT more than a traditional chip.

Plus they have ZERO carbs.

Lately I've enjoyed eating them ALONGSIDE other sexier (in my opinion) chips to offset their lower calorie (for how much you're eating) no carb prowess.

I'd totally check them out and see what you think.


(If you've ever heard me RAVE about Fascia Blasting (blogpost),
and have yet to get one - please take advantage of this SALE!
Runs 5/30-6/1.)

And if you've been considering getting your body into a fat burning mode where DEPRIVATION DOES NOT EXIST please check out Fat Burning PRO.

Not only do you never have to go hungry whilst becoming, and staying, a Fat Burner - but we ASO have regular carb feasts that happily incorporate WHATEVER YOU WANT in that one big sexy meal.

It's so cool to literally be able to have your cake and eat it too while AIDING the weight loss effort.


So check it out if you are wishing for a simpler way to sexy this summer.



To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.



xox, M

7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

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