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Reducing Knee Fat

Aug 22, 2022


Hello Dear One!


I received something in my inbox recently about this and thought to share some of my additional findings.


As someone who's relatively age defiant - I guess I can say that I see time taking a bit of a toll above my KNEES.


But as someone who's age defiant - I have no interest in allowing such things to simply remain.


(I've been on my own Fat Loss journey lately, and KNEE FAT is something I've historically struggled with.  Check out MY difference from April - August by doing these very things.)



Knee fat is just that - potentially a place where we store our fat.


But the additional double whammy is the loss of elasticity in the skin that can make that area appear less toned and more saggy.


What to do?


If you STORE fat there - LOSING FAT there would be a great move.


Additionally you CAN spot reduce which will require you to be doing exercises where you're working your quads.


And then something that can literally change our skin/shape in ways that many would never think possible = FASCIA BLASTING -  as that actually helps with skin elasticity and smoothness.


And lastly a robust and reliable COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENT can do a lot with helping to support the look, function, and feel of your body and SKIN.



Step #1: LOSE FAT


If you are super clear on how to do this - KEEP GOING.


And if you've been struggling whether you believe it should be hard or difficult - PLEASE check out Fat Burning PRO.


Getting set up to use your own FAT for ENERGY makes weight loss LOGICAL, comfortable, and feel EASY.




Exercise in general will additionally help with weight loss and tone of a body - but CONTRACTING where you wish to lose weight will help the effort so much more.


So you could use this SPOT REDUCTION FORMULA if you wanted to aim to give yourself the best chance for change, or you could also simply make a point to do cardio (walking at least please) AND resistance exercises for your legs.


Essentially we want to be contracting our thighs/quads - so any type of squat or lunge would certainly help out in the effort.




If you don't know, you don't know.


And if you DO - you probably love it and think it's a miraculous technique!


Fascia is a type of connective tissue that covers and runs throughout our entire body.


Fascia helps to provide structure and support.


Fascia is pliable and like a web that can also become thicker (think scars), bunched up, and restricted.


Fascia is responsible for CELLULITE and based on it's health can also affect things like loose skin.


Fascia blasting helps to make our SKIN SMOOTHER (fat is lumpy y'all), FIRMER (it stimulates collagen production), more YOUTHFUL looking, and our bodies more PLIABLE.




And it's such a smart and non-invasive solution to creating big change if used consistently.


Check out the past blogpost on the matter.


And if you're SOLD - use my link and code MICHAELA10 for an additional 10% off at checkout.


I'm a total evangelist and recommend it CONSTANTLY.




I almost forgot that I do this daily too.


Providing your body with collagen can support parts of us like our joints and the lining of our gut, but it can also go a long way with helping the FIRMNESS and THICKNESS of our SKIN.


Here's the one I use and love for how complete it is and how much collagen you actually receive in one serving.


So if you've felt like FAT, SAGGY, BAGGY knees are just part of, "getting old", BOO HISS to that!


Try these 4 strategies and CHANGE what you want to have happen.


Be in touch with any needs or questions.


To getting you clearer on how the body works in order to make it work for you.


xo, M


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