7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

(Self) Love is a Verb

Mar 19, 2023


Hello Dear One!


If feeling a greater sense of Self Love is desired - here is a clear cut way to help.


Love is a Verb.


LOVE consists of:

1. Attention

2. Acknowledgement

3. Affirmation



These would be GREAT things to do for ourselves in order to feel more love.


And under the umbrella of attention it would be GRAND to DO loving acts FOR yourself.


These can be small, every day. considerations that put YOUR best interest FIRST.


Tidying up before you leave your home so you return to a pleasing environment.


Brushing your hair 100 strokes at night because it's soothing.


Getting to bed earlier so that you feel rested and ready in the morning...


Some acts of Self Love can feel exciting and some can feels like chores.


But if we focus on how they show us that we're valuable and how we feel as a result of doing them - that will make it easier and more motivating to do.



AND if you're struggling to even consider making any extra effort for yourself - take yourself higher first.


What does that mean?


Seek out/relocate things that get you EXCITED.


That make you feel ALIVE!


That light you UP!


Sometimes we need a bit of a charge if we feel like we're been flatlining for some time.


AND the additional reason why it's so important to help ourselves in the Self Love effort, is not only because it FEELS GOOD to FEEL LOVE, but it also helps us to DO GOOD for ourselves.


It's infinitely easier to make choices for ourselves that are in our best interest and Self Loving when we're both in the habit of doing so AND feeling LOVE for OURSELVES.


So if sticking to ___ or starting ____ to help you have more of what you desire feels HARD - let's throw some Self Love into the mix!


It will only help you to stay focused on what your heart most desires and the existence you know you are meant to be living.



So if Burning Fat is something you've wished to be doing but have thought, "I'll never be able to stick with it.", or, "I love ____ (insert carb of choice) too much." - you're WRONG.


By incorporating loads of celebration (acknowledgement and affirmation) and also individual focus with group calls and daily texting for one on one clients (attention), plus with the encouragement to do loving things for yourself...


It makes it SO much easier to stay focused on what you really desire and to follow through on it.





Our regular Carb Feasts ROCK!


They make weight loss PRACTICAL in a life that involves VARIETY, PARTIES, VACATIONS. HOLIDAYS, and, "JUST BECAUSE", moments.


So if you've been on the fence - come along.


Start Fat Burning PRO and start moving towards what you've been wanting.  ForEVER.


It's Self Loving to do things that FEEL GOOD and that help get you what you desire.


Would love to help you in the effort.


To getting clearer on how the body works in order to make it work for you.


xo, M



7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

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