7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

Sexier Summer Legs

Jul 17, 2023
Hello Dear One!
If you’d like to shape those gams a bit more deliberately to the tune of sleeker, smoother, and firmer - these tactics will turn (your own and other's) heads.
Your body is BEAUTIFUL exactly as it is so aiming to alter nothing is PERFECT.
Take this advice only if change is of interest WHILE affirming the crap out of what you currently got going on - which will also help create faster & more linear change. 
Here are some major things that have helped to create limbs that feel hotter and more pleasing to ME.


While you may think you need to start running or doing something less usual or extreme to alter what is - I disagree.
2 simple solutions?


Walking will reliably burn fat while NOT increasing hunger OR the need for more carbs (like with more intense cardio).
And weights poses the ability to not only create a glorious SHAPE regardless of your SIZE, but they also hold the opportunity to SPOT REDUCE.
By deliberately contracting an area you bring more blood to it - which is exactly what’s required to amp up fat burn in one spot.
So WALK more (an hour+ at a time and make sure you sweat while being able to carry on a conversation).
And do RESISTANCE WORK that deliberately involves contracting the areas you’d like to whittle down.



If you don’t know you SHOULD.
Fascia blasting is another way to spot reduce as well as SMOOTH the underlying tissue (fascia) of your skin.
This technique helps with fat in general, CELLULITE, loose skin, excess skin, scarring, restricted tissue, wrinkles/deep lines, and MORE.
If you think your doomed to have ____ you might wish to check out fascia blasting and actually SEE what happens.
Wishing to check this miraculous tool and technique out?  Check out a private women's only group on Facebook.
And/or use my code for 10% off.


“If you can’t tone it tan it.”
Sage words from an overheard bachelorette party conversation.
And it’s true.
If you’d like for your legs (or ANY part of your body) to instantly look more slim and defined - use a self tanner.
Tanner skin simply blurs irregularities in tone and texture and also helps you NOT feel the need to sit in the sun (or a TANNING booth) and SPEED AGING or risk other heavier duty issues (cancer anyone?).
Or get a spray tan! As those look GOOD!!!
Do some research. Find non toxic products (I’ve liked Rodan & Fields, St Tropez, & bTan), or an establishment that will make you golden & gorgeous (like Glistening Goddesses).


And LASTLY if you’d really like to move towards a leaner and trimmer you - get your body WIRED to burn fat.
As someone who’s personally making a little more effort than usual to slim down to the weight that I know to feel best - fat burning HELPS.
Not only is weight loss easier (and weight gain harder!) for a Fat Burner - but you can also SPEED things UP by:
- extending your fasting window comfortably
- Dial back carbs even more on some days
- Skip dessert one day and have it the next knowing you won’t become, “re-addicted”, to sugar
- Under eat comfortably days in a row and then EAT UP with a carb feast when needed
I honestly feel like weight loss requires doing NOTHING.
And if you both understand that AND can comfortably do it…well, "HELLO!", narrower waistline and trimmer thighs!
How do all these suggestions sound??
Easy?  Manageable?  Simple?  Like what you want might actually be possible?
If so give these suggestions a try.
Would love to hear how they treat you!
And if you’re ready to fully shift your entire metabolic wiring in the name of weight loss (with the byproducts of improved health and slowed aging) - get your body in a FAT BURNING MODE.
Check out Fat Burning PRO to learn how.
To getting clearer on how the body works in order to make it work for you.
xo, M

7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

Quick strategies to easily improve your weight loss game.

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