7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

Sleep/Stress Hacks (plus another transformation!)

Dec 09, 2022


Hello Dear One!


Have been talking about these two techniques FOREVER and thought to put them into a couple digestible sharings to make them super accessible.


If you wrestle with SLEEP and/or STRESS preventing you from getting a good night's sleep - DO THESE THINGS.





As annoying and burdensome it can be to think about breath work as something you should be doing ALL THE TIME - DON'T!


Use it on demand like with this exercise.


(watch this quick clip explaining how.)


Certain breath patterns correspond to particular physiological states. 


And when we know that, and what they are, we can DO THAT and FEEL that way!


If you're about to have an accident, our breath either gets SHALLOW or is HELD.


When we're quite relaxed (asleep) our breathing is slow and deep.


Additionally this technique is so cool because it triggers the body to RELAX!


By creating pressure on blood vessels primarily in the neck, our brain gets triggered to DIALTE those blood vessels to LOWER the PRESSURE and along with it activating our Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest and digest).


This technique it so fast and effective.


Please check it out and USE IT!






This one sounds nuts but works SO WELL!!


The root of it for me was a philosophy/meditation class I attended in my twenties.


We discussed the fact that it was clear we were not solely a body, and also not mostly a mind. 


That there had to be something beyond those two things - as the OBSERVER cannot be what's OBSERVED.


So if we can watch our thoughts, and see how our mind operates - there HAS to be another lady behind the scenes running the show.


And with this, we can INFLUENCE our minds and TELL THEM WHAT TO DO.


Where to focus, and what to do.


You can only do one thing at once, and if it's thinking about tomorrow's presentation, or all the things you have to do - that's where it will actively be.


And if you want it to GO TO SLEEP, tell it that instead - and it WILL.


DO THIS!  And do it until you are SLEEPING.  


Because if it's the only thing you're focused on - you will.


Also wished to mention that FAT BURNING helps with having SOUNDER SLEEP.


Plus the practice of Intermittent Fasting doubles down in that effort as well.


Additionally wished to share some Holiday Weight Loss celebration!



This lovely lady's photos are from last Christmas to this December.



Love how much Staci has taken this on as a lifestyle and RAVES about it with FREQUENCY.


Such a super star and a voice for this magical metabolic mode that simply makes EVERYTHING better.


If you'd like to get going on a LIFESTYLE FOR LIFE that will enable you to shed inches and drop pounds - all while improving health, please give Fat Burning PRO a look.


PRICES will be increasing in January - so PLEASE take advantage of this NOW (possible to start whenever desired - if now is NOT the time).


PLUS also possible to do a bit of a 2 for 1 with out One on One Coaching version - be in touch for more details and to see if it's appropriate for you.


Hope all that was useful and inspiring!


Be good to yourself this Holiday Season!


Love to all!


To getting you clearer on how the body works and how to make it work for you.


xo, M

7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

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