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What Actually Kicks You Out of "Keto"? (aka: Fat Burning)

Jul 12, 2022

Hello Dear One,

If you've ever attained the sought out place of being in Ketosis and have freaked out about getting kicked out by having a small morsel of something sweet...worry LESS about that and MORE about this.

First off - if weight loss is your goal you do NOT need to remain in a state of Ketosis for that to happen.

Ketosis simply indicates that there are a certain amount of ketone bodies present in your breath, blood, or urine.

Ketones are creates when the liver breaks down fat to create energy.

In order to do that eating a low/lower carb diet is required.

However you don't need to be eating as low as a Ketogenic diet requires (20-50g/day) and you also don't need to be in Ketosis in order to burn fat and create Ketones.

If you're less hungry and have more energy - you're making ketones and running on fat!


So ALWAYS mind your physiological markers (what we do in Fat Burning PRO).

Additionally the reason why one won't be kicked out of Keto or (really for our purposes) be kicked out of Fat Burning - is because it's along a spectrum.

You can't have one small piece of food and suddenly stop burning fat and revert back to burning sugar.  

It would take far more than that.

It's not like flipping a switch.


HOWEVER, what CAN literally flip a switch (and least temporarily) is how you EXERCISE.

When we work too hard and/or for too long - we ask for fuel QUICKLY which makes the body need to pull from Sugar.

When we ask for fuel slowly we can easily pull from Fat.


We're designed to burn BOTH types of fuel and we're made to use Sugar in times of stress (fight or flight) and Fat THE REST OF THE TIME.

So if you're running hard on a treadmill thinking that more is better AND you notice your hunger rise (cravings too) - PLEASE SLOW DOWN.

If weight loss is your goal the last thing you'd wish to do is flip your body into burning sugar - especially if you've worked hard to get yourself set up to burn fat.

Check it out and make a point to be more mindful of THAT vs occasionally having a piece of chocolate/etc.


And if you'd like to check out a program that is not only relaxed about small amounts of carbs daily, but also LARGER amounts of them with REGULARITY - please check out Fat Burning PRO.

We help to get the body solidly in a Fat Burning mode where we understand how to have our cake and eat it too.

Oh!  And if you've yet to check out 7 TIPS TO LOSE FAT FAST - please do!

Wherever you are sugar vs fat burning - it'll help give you some quick change for your weight loss desires.


To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.  

xox, M


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