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Why Time Matters More Than Age

May 08, 2022


Hello Dear One!


Do you think the passing of time equates to the breakdown of your body and inevitable increase of challenges that you'd rather not have?


In truth if you behave like the majority of the population you WILL experience the commonplace unfolding of the unideal that many of us are dealing with and BEMOANING.


I don't know about anyone else, but the only reason why I know more about Pain, Power, Weight Loss, and Not Feeling Old - is because I DON'T WANT to struggle with any of these things.


Some things DO change at certain ages (puberty, menstruation, menopause, hormonal shifts that affect muscle mass, ability to metabolize alcohol, hunger and sleep needs, when grey hair starts to show...and ultimately death).



REGARDLESS of these milestone moments for our physiology we can still AFFECT our comfort and how things ultimately play out.


As a 45 year old female apparently I'm supposed to be falling off a cliff at this point in time - and I, "think", I, "might", see some slight repercussions of a hormonal shift.


I'm probably not as able to totally trash and ignore my body like I admittedly HAVE done in the past...but I'm ok with that.


I'd rather NOT be drinking alcohol, or eating loads of garbage late at night, or getting WAY less rest than my body actually requires+.


So if I'm being directed towards healthier habits due to MY AGE - I personally am A-OK with that.


So what about TIME?


Time is really just an accumulation of hours/weeks/years amounting to _____.


I had a conversation with my Mom last week that centered around her experiencing some knee discomfort when taking the stairs.


My answer back was that it was probably due to the fact that she doesn't, "train", her legs with resistance at more extreme angles (ie: doing squats/lunges).


Therefore her legs/muscles closer to her knees are weak.


She wanted to blame it on age.




But how useful is that?


She could have arthritis, or even an injury concerning her knees - but the way out would be the same way to avoid such a thing.




DIET: low glycemic or low carb (Fat Burning)


EXERCISE: walking and weights/resistance work




When you do these things as your way of LIFE you don't breakdown like a body that doesn't.


My Mom wanted to attach her knee pain with her age.


I wanted to equate it with the fact that she hasn't challenged her legs in a protective and strength inducing way for a long TIME.


She simply has an accumulation of WEAKNESS over an extended period of time.


And due to her AGE she's had the opportunity to spend MORE TIME to neglect certain parts of her body.


[***disclaimer - my Mama actually does a really good job taking care of herself and basically observes ALL of the THREE PILLARS on a daily basis, which is why she LOOKS and WORKS so well for her age.  (I won't spill the beans on that number as I assume she'd murder me)].


So the longer she (ANYONE) doesn't do something that's necessary for a body to look, function, and feel best - you'll notice it!


But it's not because of age necessarily.


Hope that makes sense and feels just a tiny bit hopeful.


And the last piece of this is when you DO have something that is uncomfortable/unpleasant there are often (always) things you can do to offset it.


Whether that's sticking out your butt and keeping weight over your heels while going up and down stairs to keep stress out of the knees.



Doing squats holding a door knob so you can get the full range of motion and again, not stress the knees.



Taking a joint supplement that helps with cartilage maintenance and repair as well as keeping the joint's fluid at a health level, AND reducing inflammation.


And then obviously a lower glycemic or low carb diet (especially with Intermittent Fasting!) will help with inflammation and stave off a whole host of other health issues that can easily come to be.


Oh, and she could even fascia blast (40% off one item today for Mother's Day, or use code MICHAELA10 for 10% off thereafter) her legs/knee to help make sure the tissue around the knee is supple and well fed blood wise as well as not being restricted.


SO many things!


So know that you ALWAYS have a choice in how you age.


And depending on what you choose, and how you continue to adjust based on what's happening - it can be something that easily never feels like it gets in your way.


Should you wish for insight into a lower carb and Fat Burning way of eating where we practice Intermittent Fasting which literally SLOWS AGING - please check out Fat Burning PRO.


Should you like to get some joint support (like my mom AND ME) to help reduce current pain and prevent further discomfort or reduced function to continue - check out this supplement I couldn't live without.


Or should you wish to understand how to lift/position yourself as a habit and lifestyle to create more power in every move and prevent injury - please check out POWER and PAIN.


We have so much choice, let's flex our decision making muscles a little harder from now on.


Please be in touch if you'd like any additional resources or if there are any questions I might be able to answer for you.


To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.


xox, M

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