7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

Woman Warrior

Feb 18, 2023


Hello Dear One,


If you've heard of the recent attack of a 24 year old woman in an apartment gym at night - I hope you heard her whole story.


This brave woman ESCAPED from her attacker and what enabled her to do that was her STRENGTH and her THINKING.


This woman LIFTS WEIGHTS on the regular. 


She is physically STRONG, and SEES herself as STRONG.


She was also raised with the mindset to NOT give up.


She shared in her interview that she wasn't scared.  That she knew that she could tire him out.


So she keep fighting and GOT AWAY.


As RAGEFUL as videos and stories like this make me, I am FORTIFIED with the knowledge that a woman who DOES NOT SEE HERSELF AS PREY is far more likely to not only AVOID an altercation (as predators aren't looking for a fight) but also to also GET OUT of one.


Being physically STRONG has just about a million benefits including comfort and ability in the body you call home.


But the MENTAL piece of IDENTIFYING as someone who's strong is INVALUABLE.


Women who exercise, lift weights, and participate in sports have a different SENSE of themselves.


They tend to be more confident, have higher self esteem, a better body image, and experience LESS DEPRESSION.


Additionally due to the discipline of working through points of physical challenge it's easier to KNOW you can hang in there when something is tough - because you've showed yourself you can rely on your body to do hard things.


Being physically fit and strong is obviously incredible for our health and well being, it makes us LOOK GOOD, but it's also something that can keep us PHYSICALLY safer due to our actual abilities as well as the mindset around ourselves and our bodies.


So if you have NOT been exercising, lifting weights, or participating in a sport - START.


For real.


Small is great.


Regular is best.


And if you'd LIKE to get into some sort of strength training work but don't know where to begin - here's a place to start.


There are 4 main exercises that will strengthen your entire body, and they are:













All of these exercises can be modified as needed and done with bodyweight alone.


In the name of the pull-up one NEVER has to do this exercise - but a PULLING motion done with the upper body is NECESSARY.


You could use bands, a TRX set up, dumbbells while doing a bent over row, or weights on a machine.


A great and simple workout would be to do repetitions of 10-15 of each, for 3-4 sets.


Ways to additionally make this more challenging (if you're woking with little to no equipment) would be to HOLD the bottom of your rep for a second or two and then return to the start of the exercise more slowly.


That small adjustment will REALLY make your body WORK.


Be in touch if you have more questions or needs in this matter.



OR should you wish to have EFFECTIVE assistance with WEIGHT LOSS that INCLUDES 4, 30 min sessions to be used for coaching or TRAINING to get you set up to FLY going forward...


Please check out the one on one version of Fat Burning PRO.



Love that the option is there if needed.


So if you're ready for a FULL BODY and BEING approach to weight loss, fitness, HEALTH and WELL BEING - please give Fat Burning PRO a look or set up a call to understand more.


To getting you clearer on how the body works in order to make it work for you.


xo, M


And PS: If you're also LOOKING for a sport alongside WOMEN ONLY - come check out the VALKYRIE DRAGONS!  


Myself and a few other seasoned Dragon Boat paddlers are starting the first Women's only Dragon Boat CLUB Team in Rhode Island.


Would love to have you check out our site, a practice, us on Facebook, or even DONATE if you agree that this is a badass cause!


Be in touch with any questions about THIS as well!


Love to all and THANK YOU! 


7 Tips to Lose Fat Fast

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