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Shitty Shoulders

Sep 07, 2022


Hello Dear One!


If you've historically struggled with painful shoulders - these 3 moves might serve you very well.


Pain is generally a result of weakness meaning the solution is not to baby said problematic area forever, or to stretch the crap out of it - but to STRENGTHEN it.


The shoulder joint is often such a vulnerable one with small muscles being responsible for holding the head of the humerus into the shoulder socket and managing a MASSIVE range of movement.



So YES to doing teeny tiny TEDIOUS rotator cuff muscle exercises, OR...


Doing larger more EFFICIENT exercises that incorporate the rotator cuff AS WELL as other players in shoulder stability and strength.


There is an amazing exercise that I personally do several times a week before I do anything with my upper body workout wise.


It's called Leaning Into the Wind and it rocks.


And the third is a newer find that is GOOD for shoulder strength and comfort.


I'd encourage you to do these in order.




Step #1.



Then shore up your shoulder with the awesome and FAST exercise called LEANING INTO THE WIND.


Step #2.



Then further your shoulder strength, stability and ability with HIGH TO LOW PLANKS.


Step #3.


Aim to start doing these 3 movements/exercises on the regular ESPECIALLY if shoulder pain has been getting in your way and slowing you down.


Because it simply doesn't have to.


And if you'd like a LOT more instruction from the ground up to help you either not get hurt or offset something existing, please check out Power & Pain.


The Guide is a great resource for always, or 2 live/virtual sessions with me could ensure what's ailing you gets dealt with and a clear path towards being strong and never getting hurt exists.


Be in touch with any questions.


Love to all!


AND if you do check the exercises out et me know how it goes!


To getting clearer on how the body works in order to make it work for you.


xo, M



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